Case Converter

How to use Case Converter tool?

  1. Paste text in the text area
  2. Click the button corresponding to the format you want to convert to complete the conversion
  3. Click the Copy button, the converted string will be copied, click the Download button, the converted file will be downloaded successfully

What are the specific meanings of these text formats?

titleCaseTitle CaseTransform a string into title case following English rules.
sentenceCaseSentence caseTransform into a lower case with spaces between words, then capitalize the string
lowerCaselower caseTransforms the string to lower case.
upperCaseUPPER CASETransforms the string to upper case.
capitalCaseCapital CaseTransform into a space separated string with each word capitalized.
constantCaseCONSTANT_CASETransform into upper case string with an underscore between words.
camelCasecamelCaseTransform into a string with the separator denoted by the next word capitalized.
pascalCasePascalCaseTransform into a string of capitalized words without separators.
headerCaseHeader-CaseTransform into a dash separated string of capitalized words.
paramCaseparam-caseTransform into a lower cased string with dashes between words.Often used as url suffix, good for SEO
dotCasedot.caseTransform into a lower case string with a period between words.
pathCasepath/caseTransform into a lower case string with slashes between words.
snakeCasesnake_caseTransform into a lower case string with underscores between words.
noCaseno caseTransform into a lower cased string with spaces between words.


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