Golang Builds and Deploys Executable Files

I used Golang + Gin before, combined with gorilla/websocket to build a simple chat room backend service. Next, let me introduce how I deploy the service written in go code to the server.

Build a Simple Websocket Chat Server in Go with Gin

we continue to use Golang + Gin to build a simple chat room backend service. Our overall plan is that the Websocket service receives the full amount of data from the front end, and then forwards it in real time to achieve multi-terminal communication of chat messages. At the same time, the server needs to be a client manager to be responsible for the registration and deregistration of the client to achieve a simple chat function backend service.

Web Worker Same Origin Policy Error Reporting Solution

Recently, when a friend was researching webpack 5 to package the umd library, he found that the web worker could not be inlined into a js file. When using a CDN under another domain name to load the umd library, a same-origin policy error will be reported when loading web worker files asynchronously.

iOS Background Appstoreconnect Cannot Be Opened

In the mobile developer group, my friends often report that the iOS developer background is difficult to open. Sometimes restarting the computer or changing the browser can solve the problem, but it does not Stablize.