How to Close Cloud Development in WeChat MiniProgram

A new project will open cloud development accidentally, causing some trouble for developers. Next, based on my own development experience, I will tell you how to turn off the cloud development function in the WeChat MiniProgram development tool.

Native JavaScript Implements Sortable Tabs

Recently I made a tab page, which requires support for dragging and sliding and reordering. It is a strong interactive control. The most common scenario is the worksheet tab button below the Excel table, which supports dragging and sorting.

Customized Range Slider

Regarding the range input range slider control, each browser achieves different effects. This demonstrates the effect of directly modifying the css style to achieve a unified style.

3 Ways to Implement Network Requests in Pyodide

I mentioned an online Python tool before, and the core technology is to use a tool called Pyodide library, which can make Python run on web pages, but I found in the learning process that not all Python built-in libraries or extension libraries can run, such as `requests` is not supported.

Python Image to ASCII Online

Recently I found a fun way to play Python, using Python to convert pictures into ASCII image, most of which are local programs, because I built an online version of Python before, so I tried to use the online version of Python to realize image-to-ASCII.

patch-package Not Available in pnpm

I learned that there is an open source library called patch-package, which can easily patch the node_modules library. Next, let's take a look at how to use patch-package and what are the problems with using it.

How to Set up the iOS Development Environment

In the era of mobile Internet, it is very beneficial to master iOS development and Android development. When I was learning mobile terminal development recently, the first problem I encountered was the installation of the environment.