Github Short Message


For those new to Github or just starting to contribute to open source projects, when replying to a PR on GitHub, you may see abbreviations such as LGTM, ACK, and NACK. What do they mean?

Cheat Sheet

AbbreviationFull spellingMeaning
PRPull RequestIf you submit a request to merge code with other projects, you will submit a PR.
RFCrequest for commentsI think this is a good idea, lets discuss
WIPWork In ProgressIf you want to make a big change, you can submit it first when the part is completed, but explain WIP, so that the project maintainer can know that you are still working, and they can review the completed one first.
PTALPlease Take A LookRequest a code review from the project maintainer.
TBRTo Be ReviewedPrompts that these codes are to be reviewed.
TL;DRToo Long; Didn't ReadToo long, too lazy to read.
LGTMLooks Good To Meis usually a reply during code review, which means it has passed the review.
SGTMSounds Good To MeSynonymous with LGTM.
AFAIK/AFAICTas far as I know / can tell/
IIRCif I recall correctly/
IANAL“I am not a lawyer”, but I smell licensing issues/
ACKacknowledgmentagreed/accepted change
NACK/NAKnegative acknowledgmentdisagree with change and/or concept
CCCarbon CopyCC.