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How to use JavaScript Obfuscator tool?

  1. Copy your javascript code to the clipboard first
  2. Paste into the editing area on the left side of the JavaScript Obfuscator tool
  3. The area on the right will immediately display the successfully obfuscated javascript code, you can copy or download the new javascript code

Why obfuscate javascript code?

  • The javascript code is executed in the browser. Anyone can open the browser’s development tool to view the javascript code, which is easy to copy. In order to protect your code and prevent it from being peeped and stolen by others, it is recommended to use the javascript code obfuscator tool
  • Generally speaking, your javascript development tools may include obfuscation features, but if you need to encrypt and obfuscate a small piece of javascript code without the development tools, then this online javascript obfuscator tool is very suitable


A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js.Learn more about JavaScript obfuscator

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