2Captcha Review 2022 | Principles & Usage & Getting Started


You are no stranger to web page captcha. Almost all web pages or apps with a login function have a captcha function.

The captcha does not necessarily appear every time you log in, but when you fail to log in multiple times, you will be asked to enter the captcha question answer, mainly to prevent you from maliciously logging into other people's accounts. Or some websites are more strict, and a captcha window will pop up every time. This captcha is usually used to prevent robots from logging in. Just like the previous 12306 train ticket website, the captcha will pop up every time you buy a ticket, and it is difficult to verify. It does block the script, but it also blocks our normal users.


As a normal user, I don’t really want to make a captcha that is too difficult. Every manual click is very annoying. Especially when some developers are doing automated testing and script login, the problem of captcha recognition is more prominent. Many free captcha recognition libraries have been found on the Internet, and it is difficult to find a way to easily bypass the captcha.

I have studied captcha identification before, and found a captcha identification service provider 2Captcha, and tried their service, the effect is very good.

Next, I will talk about my experience with 2Captcha.

2Captcha Introduction

2Captcha official website

According to the introduction on the official website, 2Captcha is an automatic captcha recognition service provider that supports many types of captcha, such as recognizing distorted text, selecting eligible images, reCAPTCHA click I am not a robot, etc.

2Captcha aims to connect customers who need to recognize many captchas in real time and those who make money by recognizing captcha.

2Captcha official website: 2captcha.com

Why use 2Captcha

Just like the application scenarios mentioned above, there are two groups of people who will have this demand.

  1. If you want to do automated testing and use scripts to log in to the website, you should use the 2Captcha captcha identification service at this time. As long as you request the interface provided by the official, you can get the parameters for the successful verification of the captcha, and quickly bypass the captcha.
  2. Or if you want to make money online, 2Captcha provides a background for manual verification of captcha. You only need to click on each captcha to reach a certain number, and then you can make money. It is especially suitable for students, full-time mothers, and idle employees. They can use their spare time to make pocket money. The official provides a variety of payment methods.

So 2Captcha connects these two types of customers and implements a closed-loop solution to the problem of captcha identification.

2Captcha development experience

I am engaged in development work, so by reading the API documentation of 2Captcha, the captcha recognition function is implemented in the automated script.

2Captcha's API Documentation

Simply put, according to the interface provided by 2Captcha, send your image or verification code parameters to their server, get the ID of the task, and then check the verification result in a loop.

2Captcha's interface documentation is very detailed, and provides complete operation steps for each type of captcha. Basically, following the tutorial is the expected result, including input parameters, return parameters, error codes, etc.

All supported captcha types and rates are listed here

Normal Captcha, Text Captcha$0.5-$1The rate is flexible and depends on current load of the service. You can see current rate and limit max rate in your account settings.
reCAPTCHA V2$2.99 ​​The rate applies to Google's reCAPTCHA V2 solved via token.
reCAPTCHA V3$1.45, $2.99 ​​score <= 0.3, score > 0.3
reCAPTCHA Enterprise$2.99 ​​The rate applies to Google's reCAPTCHA Enterprise.
Geetest$2.99 ​​The rate applies to Geetest captcha.
Grid Method, Coordinates$1.20The rate applies to any captcha where you need to click images.
RotateCaptcha$0.50The rate applies to any captcha where you need to rotate images.
Arkose Labs FunCaptcha Token Method$2.99 ​​The rate applies to Arkose Labs FunCaptcha solved via token.
KeyCaptcha$2.99 ​​The rate applies to KeyCaptcha.
hCaptcha$2.99 ​​The rate applies to hCaptcha.
Capy$2.99 ​​The rate applies to Capy.
TikTok$2.99 ​​The rate applies to TikTok captcha.

The official website also provides complete code examples in multiple development languages, including Go, Python, PHP, Java, C#, C++, etc.

In order to realize the automatic login function of bilibili.com, in most cases, I just need to read the official API documentation and simply implement a feasible case with Node.js

For specific technical tutorials, please refer to this How to Bypass Captcha Automatic Login with Nodejs Playwright 2Captcha

So if you are a developer, please read the official website API documentation carefully.

2Captcha Advantages

Some friends will also have questions, why not use a free captcha recognition library? What are the advantages of 2Captcha?

If you are doing the captcha recognition yourself, the general solution is to do a lot of image recognition training based on machine learning such as TensorFlow library to improve the accuracy, or directly use pytesseract for OCR recognition. The limitation of this type of scheme is that it can only recognize simple pictures and text, and a little more complex dynamic pictures and reCAPTCHA clicks can't be helped.

In the final analysis, the idea of ​​machine recognition can only solve simple scenarios. To truly bypass the captcha perfectly, it still depends on manual work. Therefore, 2Captcha is based on this idea. On the one hand, the developer sends a request to identify the captcha, and on the other hand, it manually clicks for you, providing a two-way service to solve the complex captcha problem.

According to my development experience, in addition to the very simple interface development, the recognition success rate of 2Captcha is still very high. If you have any questions, you can also provide feedback according to the contact information provided on the official website.


The above is a summary of the experience of using the 2Captcha captcha verification interface based on my own needs for automatic captcha identification. Overall, it is highly recommended to try 2Captcha to improve work efficiency and save time. Try 2Captcha ➜