Activate Windows with One Command! No Need to Look for the Activation Tool Activation Code Anymore


In the past, when we activated Windows, we searched for activation codes on the Internet, or downloaded KMS activation software. This time I found a one-click activation tool for Windows, just enter a command to complete the activation, no need to find an activation code, no need to download software.


The tool is called Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) and is an open source project on github.

specific steps

  1. Enter cmd after Win + R and press Enter to open the CMD window
  2. Paste this command and press Enter
irm | iex

cmd window input command

  1. An interface prompt will appear MAS windows activation At this time, enter 1 to choose permanent activation

  2. Then wait for the activation process to complete. After the activation is successful, just close these windows. Then go to the system settings to check and it will show that the activation is successful. windows activation successfully


I have also summarized the Activation Method of Jetbrains, and the personal test is effective.