One-Click Export ChatGPT Chat History as Markdown


Recently, the intelligent chat robot ChatGPT has become popular. It is a natural language processing technology that can be used in various scenarios of language interaction with humans. It can be considered the most powerful artificial intelligence application so far. With ChatGPT, you can do many things

  1. Enterprises: Enterprises can integrate ChatGPT into their customer service systems to provide more efficient and humane customer support. ChatGPT can answer frequently asked questions, provide product information and support, and more.
  2. Education: ChatGPT can be used in the education industry to help students answer questions, solve problems and provide personalized learning advice. It can also be used for smart tutoring, supporting self-study and distance learning.
  3. Health care: ChatGPT can be used in the field of health care to help patients obtain medical information, answer common questions, and provide health advice and support. In addition, it can also be used in psychological counseling and therapy.
  4. Entertainment: ChatGPT can be used in entertainment venues, such as games, chat rooms, social media, and virtual reality environments. It can chat with users, provide game tips, advice and support.
  5. Other fields: ChatGPT can also be applied in many other fields, such as finance, tourism, government services, etc., to provide better user experience and services.

If you have not used ChatGPT, I strongly recommend you to try it, you may have unexpected gains.


Many people use ChatGPT to communicate and discuss, and sometimes their output is very valuable, and may be used again later or copied elsewhere. However, the content generated by ChatGPT is presented in the form of a web page. If you want to save it and share it with others easily, you need to export it to another format. At this time, Markdown text is a very good choice.

I found a few browser plug-ins recommended by bloggers on the Internet and tried them out, but the results were not very satisfactory. There are also programs that are directly executed on the console. After testing, many formats cannot be parsed. So I decided to modify an export Markdown plug-in by himself. After research, it was found that the web page to Markdown plug-in on the market cannot fully adapt to the content of ChatGPT web pages. To correctly export ChatGPT chat content, some custom development must be done.


After several days of debugging, I released this Google Chrome plug-in, which can convert ChatGPT chat records into Markdown format text with one click. Just add the plug-in to your browser, and click it on the ChatGPT chat interface to quickly convert the current chat history into Markdown format and download it automatically. You can save these files on your computer or any other device for future viewing or sharing.

ChatGPT to Markdown

In addition, this plugin also provides some other useful functions, such as the ability to preview the file before downloading and edit some elements in the file.


Method 1: Store Search

You can search ChatGPT to Markdown from Google Play

  1. First open Google Chrome or Edge browser and enter Google Store
  2. Search ChatGPT to Markdown again, and you will find many similar plug-ins, please be sure to look for the plug-ins provided by lwebapp.comChatGPT to Markdown
  3. Click to enter the plug-in details page to install

Method 2: Direct access

You can also directly visit the ChatGPT to Markdown plug-in introduction page to install this plug-in

ChatGPT to Markdown


  1. After the plugin is installed, refresh your ChatGPT chat interface

  2. A Markdown icon will appear in the upper right corner of the chat interface, click the Markdown icon to open the ChatGPT to Markdown panel Click the Markdown icon in the upper right corner to open the ChatGPT to Markdown interface
  3. In the ChatGPT to Markdown panel, you can preview the converted result, and edit it if you are not satisfied. A button to copy and download Markdown files with one click is provided at the bottom of the panel Support preview, edit, copy, download Markdown text


Overall, this Google Chrome add-on is one of the must-have tools for ChatGPT users. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you give it a try. It can help you better manage ChatGPT chat records, so as to use ChatGPT's functions more efficiently.

Any questions or bug reports about ChatGPT to Markdown Google plugin, please go to the plugin download page to submit feedback.