"VMware Workstation Unrecoverable Error: (vcpu-1)" Troubleshooting for Vmware Workstation16


I recently prepared to install a VMware Workstation virtual machine on a Windows computer, and then install the macOS system for testing in the Apple system environment.

After installing VMware, when starting the macOS virtual machine, I encountered vcpu-0 and vcpu-1 errors. The specific error message is as follows:

VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-1)

Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred.


VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)

I searched for some solutions on the Internet, and after trying several solutions, I encountered a new problem. When the macOS virtual machine starts up, it will restart in an infinite loop (note that it is not my Windows host system restarting, the host machine Windows doesn't show any exceptions, and VMware doesn't report errors).

The above two problems, I tried several methods listed below, and successfully solved the problem. But I don't know which configuration worked. If you encounter the same problem, you can try it in turn.


Option 1

Enter the BIOS and set the Intel Virtual Technology setting from Disable to Enable.

Specific setting steps:

  1. Restart the computer or restart the computer. Before the computer is successfully turned on, press the F1 key repeatedly to enter the BIOS interface (different brands of computers are different, if F1 does not work, restart and try F2 or F5, F8, Delete It is possible, for specific information, please refer to the instructions on the official website of your own brand computer)
  2. After entering the BIOS, find the menu Advanced and enter the cpu configuration
  3. Set intel virtual technology to Enable, then save and exit
  4. After successful booting, restart the virtual machine

The location where virtualization technology is turned on in the BIOS system of some brands of computers

  • After entering the BIOS on some HP computers
    1. Need to select the System Configuration menu
    2. Then select Device Configuration
    3. Find Virtualization Technology and set it to Enabled
  • After entering the BIOS on some Lenovo Thinkpad computers
    1. Need to select Security menu
    2. Then select Virtualization, set to Enabled
  • After entering the BIOS on some DELL computers
    1. Need to select Processor Settings menu
    2. Then select Virtualization Technology, set to Enabled

Option 2

Repair VMWare Workstation

Specific setting steps:

  1. Open "Control Panel" and enter "Uninstall a program"

  2. Double-click VMWare, do not select "Uninstall", select "Repair"

  3. After completion, turn on the virtual machine and it will return to normal

Option 3

Modify the configuration file macOS.vmx

Specific setting steps:

  1. Find the macOS.vmx file in the disk directory where the virtual machine is mounted,for example my directory C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Virtual Machines\macOS\macOS.vmdk, and open the file with NotePad
  2. Make sure the file has these two lines of code added by default
smc.version = 0
cpuid.1.eax = "00000000000000010000011010100101"

Option 4

Disable Hyper-V and restart your computer

Specific setting steps:

PowerShell or CMD.exe run in administrator mode:

# Close Hyper-v, support VMWare Workstation running
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Reminder, I also downloaded and installed the Docker Windows Desktop software on Windows before, to run the Docker service locally on the Windows computer for testing purposes, and found that Docker needs to enable Hyper-v to use it, so there is a conflict here, the temporary solution is Turn off Hyper-v when using VMware virtual machine and turn on Hyper-v when using Docker. Restart Hyper-v with the following command.

PowerShell or CMD.exe run in administrator mode:

# Enable Hyper-v, support Docker running, VMWare Workstation cannot run
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto


If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it is recommended to consult an official expert. If you find other more effective and direct solutions, please let me know.