Online Screen Recorder

How to use Screen Recorder tool?

  1. Click the Start Record button, select the window you want to record, start recording the screen, and you can view the recorded video in real time
  2. Click the End Record button to end your screen recording
  3. Click the Play button to preview the video you just recorded
  4. Click the Download WEBM button to save the video in WEBM format to the local
  5. Click the Download MP4 button to save the video in MP4 format to the local

Why use Screen Recorder?

  1. For software test engineers to record the BUG reproduction process
  2. Tutorial for recording demo software
  3. Any scene that needs to record the screen
  4. Eliminate the trouble of installing screen recording software
  5. Completely free, no watermark


FFmpeg for browser and node, powered by WebAssembly: ffmpeg.wasm