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How to Implement an Event Bus in JavaScript

The Event Bus is usually used as a communication mechanism between multiple modules, which is equivalent to an event bus. One module sends messages, and other modules receive messages, which achieves the function of communication.

Full-Screen Pop-Up Window Drag and Drop by Vanilla JavaScript

When I was doing business development recently, I encountered a requirement. When the user opened the pop-up window to fill in the content, he wanted to refer to the content in the blank background of the pop-up window, but the pop-up window blocked his sight, so the user wondered whether he could drag the pop-up window arbitrarily.

Free and Open Source High-Performance JavaScript Spreadsheet: X-Sheet Tutorial

Free and open source high-performance javascript spreadsheet x-sheet, online excel editor, rich cell styles, rich text, border tilt, merge cells, freeze, undo redo, format brush and other core functions, and also support import and export xlsx files, multiple instances, and support for large amounts of data.