iOS Background Appstoreconnect Cannot Be Opened


In the mobile developer group, my friends often report that the iOS developer background (that is, is difficult to open. Sometimes restarting the computer or changing the browser can solve the problem, but it does not Stablize.


I have just come into contact with iOS-related development content recently, so I opened the iOS background to check what happened, and it really couldn’t be opened. I habitually opened the console and found that an error was reported.

Looking at the specific content of the error report, it is a js file that was not loaded successfully, which is a static resource reference error, so open an error report address

Can't open, so I remove the address parameter

found to be accessible. That's easy, we just need to redirect the wrong address to the correct one.



Let's go to the Google store to find a redirection plug-in (you can search for the keyword Redirect Request), such as the I use, and configure the redirection rules:

  1. Redirect to static/assets/react-dom.production.min.js
  2. Redirect to assets/react.production.min.js

Then refresh to open normally. But after a while, the link with the suffix ?1.0.5 can be opened normally again. This may be the reason why sometimes it can be opened and sometimes it cannot be opened. It is guessed that there is something wrong with Apple's background static resource caching strategy. But it can be solved by redirecting.


The above is the solution to the problem I encountered when I opened the iOS developer background, but I don’t know whether it is always the reason why the background cannot be opened, and follow-up observation is needed. If you have more information, welcome to communicate with the editor.