Base64 to File

How to use the base64 to file tool?

  1. Paste base64 encoded text in the base64 area
  2. Fill in the file extension you expect in the input box. This is an optional item and the default is txt extension. If you already know the extension of the base64 encoded source file, it is recommended that you fill in the extension directly. For example, if the original file is an xlsx file, then fill in xlsx. If you don't fill in before download it, you will get a txt file, then you can directly modify the extension.
  3. Click the Download button, and the converted file will be downloaded successfully

What is the base64 encoding format of the file?

Any file can be converted into base64 encoding format. File conversion to base64 is to convert a file to a string in base64 encoding format. This newly generated string contains all the information of this file. Use our File to Base64 tool to convert files into base64-encoded text online.

Why do I need to convert the file to base64?

  1. Reduce http requests. The resources in the webpage, such as pictures and svg files, need an http to request download, and base64 can be downloaded along with html, reducing one http request. Especially small file, it is very suitable to be converted into base64 format and directly embedded in html

  2. Reduce memory usage. The base64 format is a text format, which has a small memory footprint and reduces server consumption

  3. Easy to import. In web development, it is often necessary to deal with the path of static resources. The path reference will be very confusing. If you use base64 encoding to embed directly, you don't have to worry about the path

  4. With our File To Base64 tool, you can easily transfer base64 encoded files back to the original file, and copy the base64 string through the clipboard to achieve the function of transferring files.

    For example, the following scenario: Machine A and Machine B cannot copy files to each other, but they can copy text. How to realize file transfer?

    The answer is,

    • Use File to Base64 tool on machine A to convert the file to base64
    • Copy base64 encoded text
    • Use Base64 To File tool to paste base64-encoded text on machine B
    • Convert to file download

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