File to Base64

Click here to upload a file or drag and drop the file to the dotted area

How to use the file to base64 tool?

Two easy steps

  1. Click the "Choose a file" button in the dotted area, or directly drag a file from the computer to the dotted area
  2. Click the "Copy" button, it will successfully copy the converted base64 code to your clipboard

What is the base64 encoding format of the file?

File conversion to base64 is to convert the file into a string in base64 encoding format. This newly generated string contains all the file information. Any file can be converted into base64 encoding format.

Why do I need to convert the base64 to file?

  1. This is a very convenient way to restore base64 encoding back to the original file

  2. Cooperate with our Base64 To File tool, copy the base64 string through the clipboard to achieve the function of transferring files

    For example, the following scenario: Machine A and Machine B cannot copy files to each other, but they can copy text. How to realize file transfer?

    The answer is,

    • Use File to Base64 tool on machine A to convert the file to base64
    • Copy base64 encoded text
    • Use Base64 To File tool to paste base64-encoded text on machine B
    • Convert to file download

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