Share a Useful Python Online Editor


Some friends may have heard of PyScript, and know that Python can be packaged into wasm and run on the browser side. To do some functions that require Python to do, can be done directly in the browser without interacting with the server. Open the developer imagination.

What we want to recommend here is an online tool that also supports the execution of Python code, an online Python code editor

Python Online Editor

Python online editor address:

How to use Python Playground tool?

  1. Copy the Python code from other places, paste it into the editing area on the left side of the Python Playground tool, or directly enter your Python code
  2. Click the Run button at the top to execute the code
  3. The right area will immediately display the running results of the Python code, click the Clear button to clear the running results
  4. You can copy or download your Python code

What is Python?

Python was designed in the early 1990s by Guido van Rossum of the Netherlands Society for Mathematics and Computer Science as an alternative to a language called ABC. Python provides efficient high-level data structures, as well as simple and efficient object-oriented programming. Python syntax and dynamic typing, as well as the nature of an interpreted language, make it a programming language for scripting and rapid application development on most platforms. development of the project.

Why learn Python?

  1. Python syntax is simple and easy to learn
  2. Python lets you build more functionality with less code
  3. Python is cross-platform and open source
  4. Python can do web backend, web crawler, office automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence, automated testing, desktop applications, etc.
  5. Rich third-party libraries to meet almost all your development needs
  6. Active development community, detailed development documents, guides, tutorials

Why use Python Playground?

  1. Open the browser to write Python code, just use it and leave without installing a local Python environment
  2. Run Python code on the browser side, no need to interact with the server, and the response is fast
  3. Help beginners learn Python syntax quickly
  4. Support Python 3.10
  5. Support to quickly copy or download your code


The above is the my introduction to the Python online editor launched by the website. This tool is still under iteration, and your valuable comments are welcome.