# python

Auto-Save ChatGPT History

A Google extension that automatically saves ChatGPT chat history locally, no longer worry about losing conversation content.

pip Install Third-Party Library Error

When we use Python to develop, we usually use some useful third-party libraries. It is recommended to use pip to install. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem, but some small partners will encounter installation failures such as pip installation of third-party libraries and errors, pip install stuck and other installation failures.

3 Ways to Implement Network Requests in Pyodide

I mentioned an online Python tool before, and the core technology is to use a tool called Pyodide library, which can make Python run on web pages, but I found in the learning process that not all Python built-in libraries or extension libraries can run, such as `requests` is not supported.

Develop an Intelligent Chat Program Using Python and ChatGPT API

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool based on artificial intelligence technology, which can generate natural and fluent language and conduct conversations. Using the ChatGPT API, we can easily integrate this artificial intelligence technology into our Python applications.

Python One-Click Download Video

Python selenium parses the web page, requests the video address, downloads the video in fragments and stores it locally, and outputs the video download progress in real time.

Python Image to ASCII Online

Recently I found a fun way to play Python, using Python to convert pictures into ASCII image, most of which are local programs, because I built an online version of Python before, so I tried to use the online version of Python to realize image-to-ASCII.