URL Encode

How to use the URL Encode tool?

  1. Copy your text to the clipboard first
  2. Paste into the text editing area
  3. Click the "Encode" button, the converted URL text will be displayed immediately below
  4. Click the "Copy" button, the converted URL text will be successfully copied to your clipboard
  5. Click the "Clear" button to quickly clear the text

What is a URL?

Uniform resource locator (URL) is a representation method used to specify the location of information on the World Wide Web service program of the Internet. It was originally invented by Tim Berners-Lee as an address for the World Wide Web. It has now been compiled by the World Wide Web Consortium as an Internet standard RFC1738.

What is URL encoding?

URL encoding, also known as percent encoding, is an encoding method that belongs to URLs. In the URL, we stipulate that numbers and letters can be used. Other special characters such as [/ , : @ &] and other special characters. Then some other characters, such as Chinese characters, spaces, etc., need to be encoded by %xxx.

Why do you need to URL encode?

Some characters can cause ambiguity, such as & =, which need to be escaped and encoded. The principle of URL encoding is to replace unsafe characters with safe characters (printable characters with no special purpose or special meaning).

URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers, Universal Resource Identifiers) are encoded using the encodeURI() and encodeURIComponent() methods of the Global object, replacing all invalid characters with a special UTF-8 encoding that browsers can accept and understand.

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